I never thought that “infertility” would apply to me. My journey with reproduction really began about 7 years ago, but it took a lot of soul searching and courage for me to take the step into sharing this part of my life.

Here are the blog post highlights (some taken from my blog).

100_1947Google Diagnosing Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding”    (pre-actively trying to conceive, but part of the clues that something wasn’t right including a trip to the Naturopath).


Lying to Doctors: A Paradigm Shift” (A year into officially TTC)


Seed Regime: A Naturopathic Update” (a few months into year 2 of TTC)


“Infertility and Me: I’m coming out of the closet” (my coming out post)

Keeping it Real: IVF” (step-step guide of what IVF looked like for me)