Cloth Diapering-5 Months In

Évelyne sporting her Applecheeks!

Évelyne turned 7 month today and I can’t believe how the time has passed. Five months since we first began our cloth diapering journey, and we are so in love with cloth diapering and her fluffy bum!

Recap on why cloth diapers are great:

  • Less waste: Disposable diapers go in the landfill to live on forever (particularly when they’re wrapped in a plastic garbage bag). Cloth diapers are even better environmentally if you purchase a local (Canadian made) brand, or second hand! We also transitioned to using cloth wipes (that I made while pregnant from old shirts) since I was tired of buying disposable wipes every two seconds (in a matter of weeks we went through 900 disposable wipes…. I know this because my parents came to visit in a two week span and bought us Costco wipes that came in a box that boasted 900 total wipes….).
  • Cheaper in the long run: Over the course of poopy baby, estimates on disposable diapers run from 1500-2000$. So far we’ve spent about 600$ (and I plan on selling the cloth diapers once she’s finished with them, so we’ll recoup 40-50% of the cost).
  • Minimal to no diaper rash: For our daughter this is true and I’ve read it multiple times on different sites and cloth groups. Cloth is gentler on her sensitive bum!
  • No Poosplosions: Seriously. You’ve likely heard of the dreaded poosplosions- where baby is covered from head to toe in icky poop. The beauty of cloth diapers is that the elastic along the back (and front) are tighter and better at containing liquidy poop. In five months of cloth we have literally NEVER had a poosplosion. Ever. This alone was motivation enough for the hubs.
  • They are SO CUTE: ok this shouldn’t be the reason you cloth, but it’s definitely a bonus. Cloth diapers come in the cutest colours and patterns and look ridiculously cute on the bum.

 Our Stash:


We have 24 diapers, all Applecheeks size 1. They are the best fit for Évelyne’s super skinny legs. Our inserts are mostly Peachy Baby Bamboo, some AMP hemp, a half dozen bamboo boosters and a few microfibres. Half of our stash were bought new by us, the other half were bought second hand. We have two large and two small (travel) wet dry bags. I also have about 30 cloth wipes. The cloth wipes are way more convenient honestly- since they just go right in wet dry bag and get thrown in the wash along with everything else.

Our Wash Routine:

We wash every second day. We could probably go three right now since it’s winter and the inserts go in the dryer (covers get hung up over night), but in the summer months it takes all day to dry on the line and 24 was the magic number for two days worth of dirty diapers washed and enough clean diapers for wash day. It’s also the reason why we have two sets of wet-dry bags, we needed clean ones to use while the washed ones hung on the line.

Originally we were using Nellie’s, but have since had to switch to Tide Powder… sigh. This was disappointing, but Nellie’s just wasn’t cutting it and I had to do THREE strip and bleaches.

Ok- So Is Cloth Diapering a Pain in the (Fluffy) Bum?

As intimidating as it seemed at first, cloth diapering has been so EASY. The diapers themselves aren’t complicated- they’re super intuitive to use (almost exactly like a disposable diaper) and once you figure out which brand worse for your kidlet, you are good to go. Even the washing and stuffing aren’t that big of a deal. I wash in the evenings-overnight, hang overnight and stuff in the mornings (usually while Évelyne plays on the mat).

I’d say the hardest part is the wash routine, and there are lots of resources on which routine-wash cycle you should use depending on your washer (Fluff Love University has a fantastic list where you can just find your washer and it’ll tell you what cycle to use!).

When we had to do multiple strips and bleaches THAT was the most annoying part. It was all because I stuck to using an environmentally friendly detergent (which isn’t really a detergent at all). Unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough for dirty diapers and soon enough I was getting a gross ammonia and barnyard smell- a sign that there was build up and that I needed to change my wash routine. Stripping and bleaching are a pain in the ass and I highly recommend figuring out your wash routine asap to avoid.

A few tweaks along the way: when she started drinking more (another post) and peeing more it resulted in needed to change her diapers every 2 hours or so (a few leaks onto her pants mostly through the legs or top) and now that she’s eating solids cleaning her hummus poo from  the diaper is pretty darn gross (currently we’re using the swish in the toilet method…. sigh).

We’re also moving towards switching to size 2 Applecheeks. I’m slowly building a size 2 stash of mostly second hand and a few new covers. I’ll be recouping most of this cost when I sell my size 1s.

We’re still not clothing overnight. I’m too paranoid and just not a fan of the possibility of needing to strip her bed (although we’ve had leaks from her disposables overnight so….). At this point we’re on month 2 or 3 of a box of disposable diapers- we use about 2 sometimes 3 a day.

Looking back I think it’s hilarious how many people told us we were either a) crazy, or b) a variation of “wait and see how long you’ll last once the baby gets here” when it came to cloth diapers. They are so easy, so not complicated and we’re both so glad we chose to go with cloth diapers.


5 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering-5 Months In

  1. No poopslosions over here either yay! We use disposables overnight too, mostly because our diaper service charges extra for overnight doublers and we didn’t want to pay any more, and also the fear of leaks.
    We’re using flushable liners to deal with the semi-solid poo. the swish wasn’t doing it for us.
    charlie’s soap is highly recommended for cloth diapers – that’s what we use for washing our liners.
    we might move soon to a place where we would use our own laundry rather than the diaper service, at which point we will have to figure out a whole new situation.
    one issue we’re having with cloth diapers is that mira detests 75% of diaper changes and our pre-fold + liner + cover situation takes way longer to change than a disposable diaper does.


    1. I was thinking of using our liners… it would make things easier!
      The snaps for ACs are super quick… may help to try and see if it’s a bit quicker for changes? É is pretty wiggly now, I’m predicting the dreaded “hates diaper changes ” phase soon….


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