Local L7 Pillow to the Rescue!

Sleep has been an interesting adventure these past few months. Who knew that while pregnant you’re really only supposed to sleep on your left side? (Although some disagreement, like all things pregnancy, exists out there- the reality is that while sleeping on your right side and back the extra weight from your new human growing parts squishes some essential blood and oxygen flow to you and the fetus… straight up anatomy and physiology).

I quickly realized that my hips were not happy with me sleeping in one position all night. I started sleeping with a pillow between my knees. Wouldn’t ya know, pillows are bulky and hard to maneuver in bed.

There are lots of body and pregnancy pillow options, but I really wanted something that was a) multifunctional, b) would be useful after pregnancy for the little Bean and ideally c) locally and sustainably made.

IMG_4640Enter the Nurse Me Tender L7 Pillow.

Made locally in the HRM in Nova Scotia, these pillows are, you guessed it, shaped like an L or a 7. What I love the most about them is that they have several different functions- from different sleeping support positions for knees, hips and back, to seated and lying breastfeeding support and finally baby sitting support. I also love that they can easily fold up for storage or travel, they have a washable cover on the area you’d likely be breastfeeding and they come in the cutest patterns and colours.

I got mine on Sunday and gave it a try this week for sleeping. So far, it’s been money well spent. During the day it sits discreetly between the bed and the night table (although I’m considering bringing it down for my “bed rest couch” time). I could leave it on the bed- I just don’t want cat hair all over it (it is PRIME cat sleeping accessory…).

I tried sleeping with the skinnier arm resting and supporting my back with the wider part between my knees to support my hips. It was pretty handy for husband cuddling- since it provides the perfect barrier between us so we can cuddle without me overheating from his furnace of a body. That said… I do really prefer to have something to hug while sleeping, and I tend to bring right knee up and straighten my left leg while sleeping, which isn’t very handy for this pillow position.

So, the next nights were spent sleeping with the skinny arm in front, and although not as squishy to hug as the pillow, it was much more secure and less bulky than the pillow.

The fact that it’s so secure can also be a bit inconvenient, since it’s a bit trickier to climb in and out of bed, untangling and positioning myself with the pillow. Since I’m the one that gets up at least once to feed the kittens (and pee) now that I’m on bed rest, untangling myself and then getting back situated in the dark while half asleep isn’t the easiest.

I’m also considering it’s uses as a meditation support, once I get a meditation area set up to help compensate for the “no yoga” decree of bed rest. It would also be pretty handy for restorative yoga poses (if I can get an OK from the OB…).

My one point of contention would be the plastic packaging it arrived in. I get why- plastic protects the fabric. I just wish there was less of it, or an alternative. It would also be lovely if there were organic or sustainable fabric options and fill options. But then- that would jack up the price… which is already at (my) upper limit.

In HRM you can get Nurse Me Tender pillows at a variety of Nova Scotia stores, or order online!

Local pregnancy product- check!


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