DIY Pregnant Belly Butter

For years now I’ve been making my own whipped body butter. Now and then I’ll have a moment and buy something pre-made and then immediately regret it: they’re just never as good.

So, the thought of buying special “belly butter” or “belly balm” seemed ludicrous. A quick look at the ingredient list for most natural belly butters and I realized it’s essentially the exact same thing as my whipped body butter.

Originally I figured it would be a while before I’d get any sort of belly. I mean most thin ladies for their first pregnancy take forever to show, right?

Andrew and I- 17 weeks- at Bhavana Yoga Boutique in my new Downtown Betty Dress

Hah- like most things in this pregnancy, I was in for a surprise. By week 10 I was un buttoning my pants and using the “elastic” trick. By week 13 I had to buy maternity pants. At week 18 (4 1/2 mos) I now have a VERY noticeable bump and my winter jacket barely zips up.

It’s like my body was all like “We TOTES want to be preggers, WEE!”. (I have no idea why my body sounds like a teen, but there you go).

So. I’m grateful that I made the belly butter super early, cuz wow does my skin every itch!!

Here’s the recipe: I would suggest perhaps also adding vitamin E oil if you have it around. I just didn’t feel like spending the money buying some special for my body butter.

12241318_10153102158546761_47769600073787064_nEcoYogini’s Belly Butter:

  • 1 part apricot kernel oil (or another liquid oil you prefer)
  • 1 part cocoa butter
  • 1 part shea butter
  • 1 part coconut oil

For this current batch I put about 1/2 cup of each ingredient and it made three half mason jars full. Honestly, as long as they are equal parts you should be fine.

In a double boiler (metal bowl over pot with 1-2inches of boiling water), melt oils together. Pour in pre-chilled standmixer bowl (I put mine in the freezer while melting the oils). Place in freezer for about 30min (or until a solid ring forms around the edge).

Whip in standmixer until forms firm peaks. I would say at least 5 minutes, maybe a few minutes more.

Add to jars and refrigerate whatever you’re not using right away.

Morning and night rub onto belly and any other body parts that might be itchy or growing (I use my butter for my entire body every morning).


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