Lunapads: A Review

Here at the EcoYogini, we like to chat about menstrual cycles. Specifically, how to have an environmentally (and fiscally!) responsible period.

If you’ve been following along over the past few years you’ll know that I am a very firm believer in the DivaCup. I’ve written 10 posts on the topic. Seriously, the DivaCup changed my experience with my period and has saved us hundreds of dollars (last count was up to 500$ and that was several years ago- likely it’s close to a 1000$ now).

What I haven’t been able to get into has been the DivaCup’s sister company- Lunapads. Until now. (check out their “Why Switch” post!).

Unfortunately, the “IVF” special of this whole process didn’t end with a positive pregnancy test. Since my body has been artificially prompted this entire process- it hasn’t had the chance to ramp up the right hormones. So, until the end of the first trimester I have to continue taking estrogen pills twice a day and three double doses of vaginal progesterone suppositories.

Yep. I went there. We have been calling them the “vagina balls”.

If you’ve ever had a yeast infection and had to take the suppository cream medication in the form of a capsule that dissolves, that is what it’s like (just sans the pain).

Needless to say, it’s gross and messy… and isn’t conducive to wearing a DivaCup since it’s supposed to be absorbed into my body, not caught in a silicone cup.

So. I bit the bullet and purchased five Lunapads, thong sized (their smallest) along with a handy little dual pocketed plastic lined clutch for clean and used ones. After washing them, today was my first day wearing one.

CWOdah_WcAAfP-JFirst things first: I LOVE LOVE LOVE their cute and fun fabric choices. Since when do pads have to be boring? My favourite- the horses. Sigh- harkens back to my unicorn loving pre-teen days.

I also love that you can choose Organic Cotton. However, due to cost, I only chose to purchase one in organic cotton.

They arrived at the house in packaging that was made from recycled plastic-yes! Minimal packaging, a few pieces of paper explaining my purchase and receipts.

Lunapads suggest washing one or two first, because if they don’t quite work for you, you could return the rest. Since I was pretty committed and not about to return them, I washed all of them. As predicted they shrunk a bit, but not overly so.

The Wearing: It was actually fun this morning to look through and think “hmmm, which one do I feel like today?”. Today I chose the horse. Easy to attach to my thongs.

Honestly- it felt like I was wearing a very soft pad. But still like I was wearing a pad. Today is casual day at my work, so I wore my jeans, which are somewhat tight. Like a paranoid weirdo, I checked out EVERY angle in the mirror to make sure you couldn’t see a strange lump in my crotchal area. Verdict- although I FELT like I was wearing something huge (compared to the DivaCup anything would feel that way), you couldn’t see a thing.

Throughout the morning I could feel it off and on, but I slowly adjusted. I mean, it’s just SO SOFT. Unfortunately, I have contracted my hubby’s head cold, so half way through the day I came home to sleep for a few hours.

When I got home I removed the Lunapad- it had totally caught all the progesterone that had leaked out- score!

Verdict: Lunapads are a MUST if you are someone who uses or needs to use pads. I’ll be certainly purchasing more Lunapads to help me get through different parts of pregnancy and postpartum!


6 thoughts on “Lunapads: A Review

  1. I have to use cloth pads because I have an allergic reaction to disposable ones (contact dermatitis ‘down there’ is *so* fun). I haven’t tried Luna pads but have many from an Etsy seller, and I have to say they have held up surprisingly well, with no staining or anything. I’ve been using them for years now and just now some of the seams are starting to wear/leak and so I’ll need to buy new ones. I’ll be looking into Luna pads, thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and just a note: have several heavy-duty pads ready to go for your post-partum period. I made the mistake of not having enough around with my first baby because 1-I didn’t realize how much I’d be bleeding (or for how long) and 2-I overestimated my ability to do laundry when wiped out by childbirth/baby-tending. Though it turns out that prefold cloth diapers will work in a pinch, you just have to be careful to change them before you bleed through, since they are not waterproof.


  2. I have a bunch of the luna panties and love them! I use them with my Diva cup and for a few days after I stop using the cup. I have a bunch of the pads but I rarely use them as they are bulkier than the panties and they can shift a bit leaving parts of my panties exposed. I do store one in my bookbag in case of emergency which has come in handy a few times!


  3. i love my lunapads and have been using them for years. i’m the opposite of you though – i prefer the neutral colors over the patterns. i just stocked up on a ton more to use for post-partum – when i got the huge stack in the mail i worried i got too many, so helena’s message is reassuring. like with many baby things, it’s so hard to figure out what to get when you don’t know what you or your baby will actually need :-/ my only complaint about lunapads is that shipping takes so long.


  4. I love love love Lunapads (and my Diva Cup of course). Unlike you I need to use a pantyliner along with my Diva Cup so I am grateful for them. My oldest daughter has just recently begun menstruating and I decided not to push my choices onto her, but thankfully after just one use she rejected disposable pads and wanted her own Lunapads. My favourite part is that she was so excited about choosing the patterns she wanted.


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