Two Week Wait is Up: The Results Are In

Thursday was THE day for my day 16 blood work. I was a mess all morning, heart racing, hardly able to focus on anything…

Thankfully the clinic didn’t make me wait past lunch.

The call came in at noon. I  grabbed my phone and booted it for ANY quiet, dark, abandoned office and shut the door. A chirpy nurse cheerfully told me:

“Your results are in, your number is 343, your due date is August 4th”.

Wait…. wait a minute. Holy shit, are you saying I’m pregnant?????

So- fabulous news! Despite my spotting, the little bean continued to grow, wondrously so, actually. Currently, I am five weeks pregnant. I KNOW RIGHT?

I sobbed hysterically as the nurse forged bravely onward, cheerily spouting dates and appointment times and information. I had to ask her to wait and to repeat herself while I got a pen and paper to write that shit down.

When I asked about the spotting (still happening- although for the past three days there has been a slight decrease), to which she dutifully gave me the “well it’s still early in your pregnancy (ie- still a chance for miscarriage), we’ll know more at the 8 week ultrasound” spiel.

She also gave me zero guidance on physical activity and made it clear she wasn’t comfortable answering any of my other questions (all the while saying at the end “feel free to call the nurse’s line any time if you have questions!”- right).

Andrew cried. We spent that night cuddling and looking up French baby names and starting a list. Yesterday I started researching Doulas and Midwives (we won’t qualify for a home birth due to my high risk status, but I’d love to have the support).

Today I had an appointment with my GP. She answered all my questions AND even took a look at my cervix to see about the spotting. Her verdict- currently everything looks great. It’s possibly blood that is slowly leaking from my uterus due to… reasons that are likely not bad for the embryo. I can practice my regular yoga routine as long as it isn’t hot yoga, minimal on the twists and keep it medium to low intensity (YEAH!). She was also super positive about the two blood test results: the fact that it went up from 52 to 343 during the spotting implied that the spotting isn’t impeding the little bean’s growth!

Andrew and I made the decision to inform those who knew we were going through IVF only about the results. There’s a reason why people wait until they’re out of the “Danger Zone” of the first trimester. I know it seems pessimistic at this point (I mean- come on! This is AMAZING NEWS!), the process has been so difficult and we’ve gotten so much bad news at each step…

If this works, Andrew did a bit more calculations and with the acupressure AND with the fact that my insurance covered two of the three injections (which is unusual) we will have spent 10,000$ to conceive a baby.

That said. The spotting is minimal and seems to be getting better, I have a whole slew of healthy pregnancy symptoms (exhaustion, tender breasts, weird slight twinges or “period feeling cramps”), and my numbers totally rocked.

Overall, we are JAZZED AS FUCK  as Andrew has said.


7 thoughts on “Two Week Wait is Up: The Results Are In

  1. Lisa I am so very happy for this. I had spotting with Alec so it does happen. I had a midwife with my first birth (Ontario) and it was a fantastic experience. I couldn’t find one with my second and it was my only regret.


  2. yayyy i’m so happy for you! i read your post about IVF and wow that sucked, i’m really impressed that you dealt with your fear of needles to make it through that.wishing you a sticky baby and healthy pregnancy. i will be happy to share my research so far into eco non-toxic baby stuff.


  3. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing! Congrats. 🙂

    Spotting can be *so* scary. When I was pregnant with Andrew, I was in my first trimester, and as I opened a window I felt a pop followed by a small gush–*not* a sensation you want to experience when pregnant. It turned out to be a subchorionic hemorrhage and ended up okay, but I remember how scary it was to hear my midwife saying over the phone, “There’s really nothing you can do, just lay down, stay off your feet as much as possible, and see what happens.” I really hope your spotting goes away soon, and I am sending you prayers and good vibes for a healthy pregnancy!


  4. Yay!!!! Congrats and best wishes.

    If it helps at all, I spotted throughout my entire first trimester and Little Faye is a happy healthy toddler now so spotting isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Good luck! And enjoy your naps! Your body is doing crazy work these days. Just wait till you see your placenta. When I saw mine I totally understood why I was so tired in the first trimester. Anyways, super happy for you


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